Cyanotype Series: Bladderwrack Seaweed

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Cyanotype is a photographic printing process, done without a camera, that produces a blue toned print.  In this method, iron compounds are diluted in water to make a light sensitive solution which is applied to the material surface.  When exposed to UV light, any area that is not covered will react with the rays and turn blue.  Alternatively, any covered area will block the light and retain a white or lighter color.  My Seaweed Series is a result of multiple layers using this method.  

In this piece, fresh seaweed was strewn on top of paper that had been dyed blue via cyanotype.  The paper was inserted into water soaked wool blankets and placed in a heat press.  The steam from the wet blankets, and minerals from the seaweed  produced a green/gray color and embossed surface. 

For me, this work encompasses the intrigue of tangling and layers, which are both internal and external.  The blue background supports the undulating seaweed, but is also a moment in time, before the seaweed is engulfed and shifted along amongst the depths.

Multilayer cyanotype on rag paper, framed with white wood moulding, 4-ply rag mat and backing, UV plexiglass. 20" x 23 1/2".

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